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With the billions of users that are interacting with social media every single day, companies cannot deny social media marketing’s potential for growing their customer base. Every businesses out there, large or small, must incorporate social media advertising into their digital marketing strategy if they wish to reach out to customers at a larger scale.

Yes, building an organic audience on Social Media is definitely possible and perhaps you’re doing it already, but, nowadays, the Social Media algorithms are purposely reducing the amount of ‘’Branded’’ posts in their users’s news feed. With that in mind, it’s always better to combine organic posts and online advertising in order to guarantee the reach out to new prospects and making sure that your audience knows and stays engaged with your messages.


Social media Advertising is widely used and appreciated by businesses because it yields results almost immediately and with a consistency that keeps the costs low while increasing revenues. In contrast to other marketing methods that are used, there’s no need to wait months and months to notice an increase in conversions towards your services or the amount of traffic generated. Social media advertising has a celerity that, when paired with knowledge, wisdom and the right tactics, brings a highly engaged audience to your product or service.


The Social platforms everyone uses also share very precise knowledge and information on your customer’s actions and habits. This detailed and thorough information can be leveraged at your advantage for a better understanding of your customers, their interests and their needs. Some advertising platforms capture an immense amount of user data such as demographics, interests, behaviours, location, etc. All of this valuable information can then be used to create personalized ads and a custom user experience to better target your services to their needs.


The most common goals we realize for our partners are an increase in Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, sales or Website Traffic on social media. Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest all have their particular way to put themselves infront of their users and engage with them. In fact, each and everyone of these platforms has its own set of particularities and they appeal to a certain type of audience, which means they should all be treated differently. However, there’s no platform that’s better than another one : The Social platform you should choose depends on who your business needs to target!

With the added benefits of enjoying low advertising costs,  and a big pool of users to choose from, social media advertising is a great strategy to put your business in front of your target audience and turn them into recurring, profitable clients via advanced targeting.

Work with a Marketing Agency that has the expertise required to build a strong, laser-targeted marketing campaigns that drives revenue and generates interest.


Known as the Social Media King, with more than 1.56 billion daily users, Facebook is a true asset for most Companies. Acclaimed for its almighty retargeting powers that are based on many sources of data, Facebook advertising plays an important role in laser-targeting your ideal customers and directing them down the conversion funnel.

Perhaps you’re targeting Leaders, High-level executives or Decision Makers. In that case, advertise your B2B company with LinkedIn Ads. Through their powerful targeting abilities, you’ll be able to reach potential customers based on their status, position, job title, location, industry, companies they’re working with and many other features. With our team’s knowledge of B2B advertising will have a positive impact on your lead generation tactics.

Although YouTube is known to be a way to express yourself with a deeper connection than blogs would, it’s more than a social media platform, it’s now a search engine. In order to increase your Brand Awareness & Reach to your potential customers, Video Ads may be the perfect method. 

We’re using Snapchat, Twitch and other popular social media platforms because of their important role in guiding social media users through the purchasing funnel. They’re not suited for every brand, but when used correctly, can help improve your conversion rate significantly.

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