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It doesn’t matter if your business is small and known as local, national and serves a larger group of people or global and known in different countries… The Results and Statistics show that Search Engine Advertising, which is also known as (SEO/SEM) is the most effective way to take your business online and promote it profitably.

Search Engine Advertising is the process of increasing your business’s your website’s traffic by marketing on Search Engines we all know like Google Ads, Yahoo & Bing Ads.

This marketing strategy has shown intensive results for B2B Companies & online store brands.

PPC Marketing, which is also known as Pay-Per-Click, has always been Influence Builder’s expertise. As time went on, we’ve been able to evolve and embrace more ways to market for our clients, but PPC Marketing stayed as our driving force. We’re always reinvesting in Research & Developpment to learn better ways to bring our great results on Google Ads (Adwords/Adsense) and Bing Ads

Our Certified SEO Methodology on a methodical structure for advertising accounts, highly engaging ad copies for your customer’s satisfaction, a clear segmentation of demographics, an effective bid strategy for a better value per penny invested and a deep understanding of analytics.


Getting the best ROI (Return on Investment) is linked with the deep partition of our Advertising Campaigns supported by many factors like location, buying intent and demographics. As an Advertising rule, the more our ads are related to your ideal customer, the less it will cost to advertise to them. This also means that we have a closer control over spending budgets and easily identify winning ads that create us prof

Our best ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) correlate with a deep partition of search campaigns which are based on many factors such as intent and location. That way, we have tighter control over budgets and we can easily identify new opportunities.


Through the exponential growth of physical businesses converting to online e-commerce, we’ve rapidly developed knowledge of Google Shopping Advertising listings. This campaign method will broadcast your product, it’s description and it’s price to high-intent shoppers looking for a specific product. The Google Shopping Advertising Listings are a must for any e-commerce brand who are looking to increase it’s profitablity and revenues.


Every search engine campaigns start with laser-targeted keyword research. Our tools allow us to identify the most rewarding keywords for your brand. We are optimizing that list by finding new keywords, scaling the profitable ones and excluding irrelevant ones.

Our Pay-Per-Click Ressources Team creates powerful & effective messages to drive your click-through & Conversion rates through the roof.

We’ll generate and bring search engine traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing with precisely managed advertising campaigns. We keep your account framework clean and simple to be able to identify potential problems or double down on opportunities. Our management services include manual bidding strategies, deep partitioning, Split (A/B) testing and continuous optimizations.


Make it easy for your customer to buy from you. Be in front of their eyes. List your products & services with their images on Google Shopping and appear on the top of Google search results. We optimize your product feed for the best search engine results.

We always start our campaign management services on the right foot with ‘’true-tracking’’ in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other Advertising platforms on Social Media. Our dedicated team is then constantly optimizing and Split testing your campaigns to make sure you get the best ROI (return on investment) on your Ad Spend.

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