Learn how we constantly GIVE VALUE to our Clients.

Victory Loves Preparation

Creating the Perfect AD requires a bit of creativity and lots of research.
Every project we take on will undergo Social Influence’s process — A proven approach to Marketing that we take very seriously, because it works.

At Social Influence, there are two principles that come at the heart of everything we do : action and value. We always strive to deliver the best value to all of our clients and we take action by continuous learning on the new procedures for our account audits, quality control and marketing campaigns.

Marvin Salgado


The Social influence builder


Let’s discuss and learn more about how your online business is doing.

  • What was working for you?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What have you experienced?
  • Where do you want to be in six months?


Our dedicated team will make an audit related to your past campaigns, your competitors, your brand and the market you’re in.

  • This allows us to prepare your Business for Optimal Search Engine Optimization.

  • We’ll have the required data to build keyword lists, identify market niches and know how we’ll place your services on the web.


What are you aiming for? Where do you want to go?


  • Together we’ll establish your campaign objectives, set performance targets, and agree on our key performance indicators.


Our teams have a different approach that represents the ‘’Social Influence Builder’’ Method or ‘’SIB’’.

  • This process allows us to think outside the box and prioritize approaches that will be based on Confidence, Value & Impact. Click to Learn more on SIB.


Prior to launching, our dedicated units are testing & tracking all of the required links.

  • Once the ads are launched, we closely monitor and adjust based on our conversion metrics. We have Overseers that takes care of the ad maintenance and continuously keep an eye on the campaigns


We review the results, comprehend and optimize around your targets.

  • Adapting ourselves with the results, we meticulously scale your campaign over time. We’ll have Regular Reports and Check-ins to stay informed and involved

There are no ‘’Status Quo’’ at Social Influence. 

  • Our mission is to constantly keep optimizing and auditing our client’s campaigns to make sure that we’re bringing the best value.

SIB: Deliver the Best Value

The digital era has never been more complex, with technology changing every single day. We understand the importance to move and adjust quickly based on data we gather and new technologies becoming available to us. That’s where our very own flexible approach, called Social Influence Builder or “SIB” comes into play.

SIB is an action-based meeting where the members of different departments (Web Design, Social Media Specialists, SEO, Account Managers, etc.) form a summit to brainstorm together and find the most efficient digital strategies for a particular client. This meeting is scheduled on a regular basis which allows us to adjust our tactics and strategies based on what we’re learning while managing the account.

Clients using the ''SIB'' Process :

How can we build your Social Influence?