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An online strategy is the only way to target the right marketing mediums & hop on the opportunities that resonate best with your clients.

We hear you, it’s complex and requires focused attention & dedication… fortunately, our team does it all: From Planning to Optimizing, Researching your audience, Auditing and benchmarking. Here’s another option, you can take our profitable advice and implement them yourself or let our team of online specialists achieve it all for you. Either way, it will build your social influence.

To successfully perform in the online world, you first need to satisfy your clients with a strong value proposition that they’ll actually be interested in. Then, you need to broadcast your services all over the World Wide Web, and that’s our specialty. Proof: Our solid team of administrators deliver awesome results for over 90 accounts in different industries. Together, we will find the best mediums to grow your product or service for the maximum return on investment.

Always remember: A close-knit and custom tailored online marketing plan is the pillar of your company’s growth and online ascension.


Our priority is to bringing value and tangible results to our clients, no-matter-what. We’ve mastered a strong & sharp technique along the way to make sure our clients get noticed all over the ‘’Triple W’’ (World Wide Web). Every month, our online strategist infiltrates our board meetings to conceptualize & conceive with our PPC analysts and SEO masterminds. They ponder on how to build the most value for your company by focusing on the strategies that would have the greatest impact on your goal. This sharp & adjustable approach means clear targets, no loss of budget & an ideal strategic planning towards our goals.


Typical online consultants are usually all talk (and no results). What differentiates us from regular online transformation consulting & Social Media Marketing Agencies is our regular account investigations and our strategist’s day-to-day involvement in the accounts. We literally have a Young Team that’s fully knowledgeable in the domain.

We don’t throw ideas out there because they’re trending or they look good. No, we comprehend, we dig further, we investigate, we analyze and benchmark to find the best marketing strategy adapted to your needs to transform your business. 


We want to know everything there is to know about you & your business: Your vision, your values, your previous work & achievements, your goals and objectives, everything. There’s a reason behind this, the more we know and understand your needs and preoccupations, the more we can deliver a custom tailored online marketing plan that takes into account your resources and capacities.

We all want the best for your business and it’s our priority. We’re not afraid be transparent to speak the truth. Our specialists will analyze your current marketing strategy and tell you what’s working and what isn’t based on facts and data. What you’re presently doing online may have an impact on the online marketing plan, so we need to dig deeper first.


Increase your online presence thanks to actionable digital initiatives that will be based on your goals and Performance Indicators. We won’t beat around the bush: we’ll tell you exactly where you should spend your money for the best returns and increased profitability. Whether it’s SEO, lead generation, display ads, paid search, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, blog post, we’ll make sure that your business is exactly where your clients are looking, in order to maximize growth.

Every online marketing strategy should be based on a solid attractive character. An attractive character is a fictionalized persona that embodies your customer’s demographics, motivations, interests, and behavior. It’s a persona with whom they can relate with. Working hand-in-hand with your internal team and reviewing real data, we’ll set a target audience to make sure we are addressing the right customers.

Do you know who you’re competing against? What about their online presence? What is setting them apart from you and what you have? How can we target their achilles heel and give your company a competitive edge? We’ll figure it out together, helped by our agency tools created and designed for digital surveillance.

Your online marketing focal point should be your Website. The best online strategies and tactics mean nothing without a well-designed landing page. Our digital administrator will audit your website to make sure it follows user experience and web analytics best practices to ensure customer satisfaction. If it’s not the case, don’t be afraid, we will help you with that.

Facebook, Google and other third party Applications hold a lot of real-time data on your industry and performing markets. Let’s make sure we keep a global synopsis of your domain’s trend for you to grow. By doing this operation, we will identify opportunities and potential areas to avoid.

We don’t just give you a plan and then walk away. That would be too easy. If you want to implement it internally, no problem, but our team of specialists will continue to provide value to your online strategies along the way. Our marketing plan will be put to the test, adapted and optimized to make sure you stay on top of your marketing game as time goes on.

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